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4K / 8MP IP Fixed Lens Turret Dome Camera
This Ultra HD 4K/8 Mega Pixel, High Resolution, IP fixed lens camera makes it possible to bring out exceptional detail when digitally zooming in on an area of interest during live view or post-incident playback review. These cameras transmit and receive video and control data over a single network cable and can be remotely configured across the network for video analytics, such as object placement, object removal, face detection, and line crossing detection. Additional configuration options are available to trigger alarms, send email alerts and cameras can connect to the NaceConnect CloudView cloud-based platform for retention of recorded video off-site. Multiple video streams are available to send video for NVR recording and mobile device streams. The compact design includes an IP67 weather rating, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to provide a clear image when a lighting change occurs behind the subject being viewed, and IR LEDs allow the camera to see in total darkness up to 98 feet. The camera can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or locally with a 12V DC power supply. Power supply not included.
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