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Video Converters
Baseband video to VGA converter. Converts baseband video via either BNC or S-Video to a VGA output that can be viewed on a computer monitor
Video Converters
The ST-TVI-VC video converter has been designed to accept a single HD-TVI signal and provide one HDMI output and one HD-TVI (BNC) output. The ST-TVI-VC is perfect for converting an HD-TVI video source to an HDMI signal to allow for viewing on a monitor that does not have an HD-TVI input, such as spot monitoring (a secondary monitor which connects directly to the camera and displays its image, commonly seen in retail store entrances). Many HD-TVI recorders do not have a spot monitor output built-in, and the ST-TVI-VC can be sold separately to provide this function if it is required for a customer’s application.
Video Converters
VGA to baseband video converter. Converts a VGA signal from a PC to a baseband video signal that can be viewed on a monitor or television with an S-Video or RCA input.
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