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Meters & Accessories
Power supply adapter for 12V 2A power supply to adapt to UK electrical sockets, works with ST-IP-TEST, ST-SDI-TEST, ST-HDoC-TEST-MINI, ST-HDoC-TEST-MM, ST-ALLIN1-TEST, ST-IP-TEST2, ST-ALLIN1-TEST2, and ST-HDoC-TEST-MINI2 meters.
Meters & Accessories
Replacement battery for ST-IP-TEST, ST-SDI-TEST and ST-HDoC-TEST-MM Video Surveillance Camera and Network Test Monitor & Installation Tool
Meters & Accessories
Replacement battery for ST-IP-TEST2 and ST-ALLIN1-TEST2.
Meters & Accessories
Replacement AC charger for Securitytronix ST-IP-TEST, ST-IP-TEST2, ST-ALLIN1-TEST2, and ST-HDoC-TEST-MINI2 meters.
Meters & Accessories
Screen protector for ST-IP-TEST2 and ST-ALLIN1-TEST2.
Meters & Accessories
The ST-IP-TEST2 7 inch touch screen IP camera tester is designed for maintenance and installation of both IP cameras and analog cameras as well as other security equipment. It’s 1920 x 1200 resolution enables it to display images from network HD cameras and analog cameras in top quality. The unit supports both ONVIF PTZ and analog PTZ control. A combination of touch screen and push buttons make the IP camera tester very user friendly. In addition the tester is also a great tool for Ethernet networks and cabling systems. It can test PoE voltage and is capable of IP address searching. It can diagnose the location of a coaxial cable or network cable‘s short circuit and open circuit. Through audio signal generation the blue cable tracer tester can find connected cables from unorganized or unlabeled cable bundles and includes the ability to test LAN cable or telephone cable types while verifying the sequence of the individual conductors. Other functions include 24W PoE power supply, LED Lamp and DC 12V 2A power output. The meters portability, user-friendly design and multi-function capability make it an essential tool for installers and technicians, greatly improving work efficiency and simplifying installations and system maintenance.

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